These Three Date Rush Ladies Confirm Asamoah Gyan's Statements About African Beauty


TV3 Network has been doing the most with regards to bringing the best in its date rush program. The show has been so successful that it has reached its 5th season. 

The program has brought a lot of controversial ladies and gentlemen on board which often got fans trolling. However, what Date Rush has been able to do successfully is confirming one statement made by Asamoah Gyan through a song that; African Girls Are Beautiful.

On this week's episode of the program, TV3 didn't hold back in proving this statement.

Meet Bibi

Bibi is the new addition to the date rush ladies and fans instantly took a liking to her. Many praised her for her good looks and her friendly demeanor.

Meet Manuella

Manuella also a new addition to the ladies who are known for her beaming smiles. She seemed classy and humble. She explained that she is a trained teacher and that imparting knowledge to her pupils was something that fascinates her a lot. Luckily for her, just on her first episode, she was taken off the dating market by David.

Meet Cindy

Cindy was added because she a beautiful lady as well who deserves love. Her constant heartbreaks on the show have earned her sympathy-fans who are liking her despite the unsavory attitude she used to bring on the show.

The other ladies on the show are equally beautiful as well, however, the above-mentioned ladies have their pictures and names buzzing on the various social media handles this week.