KCPE student, Diana Nyokabi, who scored 402 marks finally gets help


Diana Nyokabi,who scored 402 marks in the 2020 KCPE had gone back to repeat class 8 after being removed from the county sponsorship program of Bungoma county.

However Lamu governor, Fahim Twaha has taken upon himself to pay full year school fees for Diana who was on the verge of losing her spot in Moi Girls high school because of lack of school fees.This has been confirmed.

There has been an uproar from many Kenyans asking questions why was Diana's name removed on the sponsorship program despite having passed her KCPE. What did she lack that was required of her? What is considered before getting into this sponsorship program?

Let's look at some things that are considered before being put on that sponsorship program in Bungoma county. The county usually sponsor candidates that score 400 marks and above as well as there is a CDF fund that also allocates funds to all needy students in the county. The criteria for getting the fund are : -

1. The student must be from Bungoma county. To ensure this ,the parents must produce a voter's card that shows he/she is registered to vote in the county.

2. The student should produce forms of identity. These include birth certificate etc

3. The student should have performed relatively well .

4. The student should be needy to also qualify for this program.

These are just but a few requirements needed in order to get your education funded by the county, either partially or fully.

So if Diana Nyokabi met all these requirements then she deserved to be on the sponsorship program. Otherwise,we may assume that there was something fishy that took place to remove her from the sponsorship program.

Bungoma county governor Wangamati has come foward and claimed that there was a misunderstanding and she wasn't supposed to be removed from the sponsorship program.

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