Real stories from women on the advice of their Doctors not to take the vaccines- Bridget Otoo

The arrival of COVID- 19 Vaccines has generated some myth in which Ghanaians continue to argue, whether to take the vaccines or not. Section of Ghanaians argued that, when vaccinated could suffer serious side effects- complications which could lead to hormonal imbalance, genetic complications, paralysis, barreness, hallucination, blindness and even madness among other.

Ghanaian freelance Journalist, Bridget Otoo has revealed the confidentiality between a woman on the advice of their Doctors not to take the vaccines.

To chronicled the event, " I understand their fears because what your doctors tells you in the consulting room, has far great impact on you the patient than what any WHO research woud say- Patients TRUST t their Doctors."

According to the controversial journalist, science doesn't support this so why not discuss with your colleagues in the same medical fied who are encouraging women (their patients) not to take the vaccines intead of blaming us for following your colleague doctors orders? Or it is because they are abroad? She quizzes.

She posited, we are in a country where politicians and other well to do families travel to the UK, US and other advanced countries to either give birth or seek othe medical care.

Quite recently, the finance minister went to the US for Post- COVID treatment which wasn't available in Ghana.

But today, you are telling me not to listen to the same UK doctors or General practitioners, the very people that you can do? That's now how to convince someone to take the vaccine.

Bridget Otoo made this assertions in a Facebook post.