Mavado expresses gratitude to his fans on over his son's murder charge

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Mavado a famous jamaican artist expressed his gratitude to his fans on his social media platforms for showing him love on his previous instagram post comment section about his son being found guilty.

His instagram fans and celebrity friends shared to him a lot of encouragement & good positive vibez messages through the tough time he is undergoing.

Mavado goes on & condemns corruption in his country that as he say it altered his sons case, that may lead to lifetime imprisonment and he states (Corruption corruption corruption Jah know star!) He states that the police men intruded in his home and went on and arrested some other five family members that were around and locked them up. Some of the family members had to lie that they were worker because they feared for their lives while two of them ended up losing their jobs due to absentism at work for two days.

Mavados son Dante Brooks aged 18 years old was found guilty of murder charges

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