Meet 21-year-old Son Of Tomato Farmer Who Spent 4 Years Building His Own Lamborghini in South African


Meet Mukundi Malovhele, the 21 year old son of a tomato farmer who spent 4 years building his own Lamborghini.

South African young Lamborghini took a long time due to lack of money.

His dream is to become a mechanic. He believed it would help him start his own automaker.

What would you do if you couldn't afford a multi-million dollar Naira Lamborghini sports car and your dream was to drive one: build it? Yes, that's what Mukundi Malovhele, an Italian sports car enthusiast did.

Malovhele, a 21-year-old man from Limpopo, South Africa, said:

"I've always loved Lamborghinis when I saw them on TV, so I decided to make one of these inspired because I couldn't afford it."

Malovhele, who lives in the village of Tshipise Tshasagole-Niani in Venda, started the project in 2017. He says it took four to reproduce his dream sports car, adding that the materials, including scrap metal and engines, we extracted from old cars.

But the young man didn't try to make large, easy-to-manage cars because he said his initial project included the production of wire cars.

“When I was young, I made wire cars; It's a passion that's been in me for a long time."

Malovhele, the son of a tomato and watermelon farmer, said the main obstacle to completing his car project was a lack of funds.

"My dad sometimes saves money to buy some spare parts, but what I need is a small motorbike."

Malovhele's dream is to start a car company and among other things he has improved his skills in technical school.

“I want to be a mechanic and repair cars, but I also want to make my own car models because I understand that. My dream is to go to an engineering college to practice my skills. "


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