Revealed: Competent Abronye's CV Released Online Because Of NPP Elections

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Chairman Kwame Baffoe, popularly known as Abronye DC, is the Bono Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party and he hopes to be re-elected and maintained as the chairman.

Abronye DC has faced stiff competition from some other well-qualified members of the New Patriotic Party in the region for the chairmanship position. As a result of the competition, a renowned follower of Abronye finally released his curriculum vitae (CV) on Facebook trying to prove that indeed Abronye is qualified to be maintained as the chairman.

His follower, Baba Amando with the hashtag, #MaintainAbronyeDC revealed that Abronye has a lot of educational qualifications including a chartered energy economist from the global academy of finance and management in the USA. He also revealed that Abronye has a professional law course at the University of Sydney in Australia, among other qualifications.

Moreover, it was revealed that Abronye DC has refused a lot of opportunities offered him to serve in government just because he wanted to serve his political party, the NPP.

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