"I Asked My Friend to Test My Girlfriend's Loyalty For Me, But He Did This Strange Thing" (Fiction)


The history of unfaithfulness is increasingly numerous nowadays. And we are ready to do something to find out whether you are being cheated by your wife or your husband. In this sense, this man wanted to test his girlfriend's faithfulness with his girlfriend.

My name is Tom, i met Amandine in the last year. She was the most beautiful girl of the class, she was very intimidating, i was just thinking of her every time i sleep. One day, in both hands, i took my courage and confessed to her my feelings, she said she also liked me, it's been my happiest day. We started the relationship as teenagers. When other boys talked to her, i am very jealous and provoked.

We have been arguing very frequently because i thought she was with other guys when we weren't together. I asked my friend to test her in order to reassure me of her loyalty.

My best friend is a beautiful boy and a flirtatious boy. I thought it would mean she was a faithful woman if she could resist his charm.

Therefore, the operation "Amandine test" started, my friend told me every day. He told me she was hard and wouldn't give in to his progress. When i asked him, he told me he was busy with his girlfriend then he stopped talking to me about his actions.

He was never there when i left for his home. She had become cold, i noticed a change in Amandin. She was sulking at me and she no longer wanted me to come and see her. I tried to comprehend why her behavior had changed.

She was very beautiful and well dressed, and i followed her in secret, one day, as soon as she left the house.

I was in deep surprise when the two of them were together when i saw my best friend come to pick her. He has taken away my girlfriend. She no longer wants to talk to me, and i wonder if i could recover her.

What do you think i can do to get back my girlfriend? please i need your advice and help me share with others too

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