Top Five(5) Most Popular Social Media Platforms in Ghana according to Statista


Social media is one of the fastest and convenient way to communicate with a loved one who is close or no even close to you. It doesn't matter the distance between both parties, there will still be communication. All that matters is effective network coverage. 

There are several Social Media Channels or platforms in the world. Today let us take a look at the top five most user social media platforms in Ghana.

5. Telegram

This is number five on our list and most users prefer to use due to the kind of file types one can transfer to another no matter the size.

4. Instagram

Some call it a mini home of videos and pictures. Most Ghanaian celebrities post their daily pictures through Instagram. It is number 4 on our list today.


YouTube is undoubtedly the home of most videos in the world. This is Ghana's third favourite social media channel.

 2. Facebook

This is the most popular social media channel in the world. But actually second in Ghana. Facebook gives us information of news, stories and many more experiences.

1. WhatsApp.

These days, there is no android phone in Ghana without a WhatsApp on it. According to report, it is one of the fastest means to send and receive message. Most people spend their time using the app to do a lot of things. This makes WhatsApp number one according to Statista.

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