Ruto Believes The Youth Will Decide In 2022 Not The Deep State

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According to Deputy President , the youth will elect the president next year. Ruto asserted on Saturday in Bumala, Busia County, that the vote would not be decided by people attending closed-door meetings in hotels. "It's the votes of the millions of youth in Kenya that will decide," he said. "And when you decide, elect a government that will take care of your needs so that you can get jobs, start businesses and take care of your families, without leaving others behind." He added.

The second-in-command exhorted the youth not to be divided along tribal lines, stating that his government will serve everyone regardless of their origins or the language they speak. "Don't allow anyone to tell you that this person is Kalenjin, the other is Luhya, another is Luo or Kikuyu," said Ruto.

He urged Bumala residents to speak out in unison to ensure that youth are employed and that poverty is eradicated. The Deputy President spoke as he continued his tour of western. william Ruto who was in Kakamega County on Friday, implored his rivals to stop bothering President Uhuru Kenyatta and let him serve Kenyans. He claimed that it was not the President's job to bring people together who had no interest in the country's well-being. "Hanging around President Kenyatta for direction and support, was a clear indication that my competitors have no plans and agenda for the country," the Deputy President said.

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