Rachael Shebesh's Medical Condition


Kenyans have been wondering where the former Nairobi Women Representative , the outspoken Nairobi's super woman suddenly disappeared into. She is no longer seen in public nor on the screens for quite a number of years . A lot has been said about her state of being absent from the public attention. Her position has been replaced by Betreace Elachi , former Nairobi Speaker .

It sadly comes out she's been suffering a bipolar condition . Rachael Shebesh let it known that she has been struggling with bipolar condition for decades now. She said that this condition has coated her for the past few months as she has been seeking medical treatment.

Bipolar is a medical novel that causes extreme mood swings . When someone gets depressed he or she feels hopeless and gets less interested in most activities . Shebesh has urged Kenyans not to be quick into judging people who look depressed as it might be as a result of bipolar .

There have been mixed reactions concerning Rachael Shebesh's condition without caring how serious the illness might be .

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