Renowned Female Journalist Berla Mundi Storms Bono Region With A Big Wish


A Renewoned female Journalist Berla Mundi of TV3 has share a mixed feeling dedication birthday message to Ama Val a young lady popularly known as Thesewingteacher in the Bono Region of Ghana Nsoatre to be presided. 

As I mark my birthday, I want to dedicate it to a young woman Ama Val , known as "Thesewingteacher" , who is sacrificing the very little she has to provide for needy students in a town in the Bono Region.

I decided to support her kind gesture and I felt fulfilled travelling all the way to meet her and to mark my birthday with her students. 

"The world is a better place when we all show compassion and kindness"

Thanks for sharing with that underserved community and bringing joy to that lady and her students. That was very thoughtful of you.


Happy Birthday Berla and May God bless you both for the good work.God bless you for everything that ur doing for the youth.