7 ways to earn money online everyday


1* Become a Youtuber

2* Earn while watching videos

3* Online surveys

4* Affiliate marketing

5* Become a freelancer

6* Start your own website

7* Become a delivery driver or rider


YouTube is one of most popular platform which allow people to post their videos,earn and watch videos.

Eligible qualification including 4,000 watch hours during 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.

Here you earn money on your monetized videos.

Get paid to watch videos

There are numerous of websites which allows you to get paid to watch videos.

These websites includes iRazoo, Cointiply, Netflix, Adfun, Perk TV, Slidejoy etc.

Their withdrawal method includes mobile money, Xbox gift cards, PayPal etc

Online Survey

Online survey is on of the most popular ways to make money online.

Online survey websites includes: swagbucks,InboxDollar,Mypoints, survey junkie etc.

Affiliate marketing is all about advertising the products of other companies. These companies includes: jumia,shopify,clickmeter and Bigcommerce.

Their commission rate includes $100 per sale etc.

Freelancer is all about doing the works of other and get paid. Freelancer websites includes Fiverr,Upwork,Total,Guru and Flexjob.

Start your own website

This is also another methods to earn online.

Here you can create your on website and monetize your website to earn real cash. You can also buy and sell domains.

Become a delivery driver and rider.

Here you can perform delivery service for other companies and you can deliver pizza to customers and get paid.

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