The Most Magical Cities In The World And What They Do On Christmas Day


December is a famous travel month because it allows you to see how other people celebrate Christmas around the world.

Allow us to take you on a tour of places where Christmas is celebrated in a big way.

Canada's Quebec City:

This is one of North America's oldest cities, and the shops and streets are all festively decorated for the holidays. The spirit of the season is the one thing that gets you in Quebec.

Paris, France:

The city gleams! It's difficult not to be swept away by the spirit of Paris at Christmas time, from the decorations along the Champs-Élysées to the Christmas market at Les Halles to some of the most decked-out window displays in the world.

Taiwan, Taipei:

Taipei residents do not have a public holiday during the Christmas season, but that does not stop the city from putting on spectacular light shows and hosting festive attractions and activities. Almost the entire Banqiao District turns into a Christmas wonderland between mid-November and the New Year, with huge Christmas trees, rides, and concerts.

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Why wouldn't it be a wonderful place to celebrate Christmas if Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world, according to the World Happiness Report? Antique amusement park rides adorned with lights are surrounded by yet another cute and very colorful Christmas market selling gifts and treats during the holiday season in Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens.

Czech Republic: Prague

This lovely city's holiday markets easily make it one of the best places in the world to spend Christmas. Locals and tourists alike flock to them every day in December for sweet finger foods. These market events take place just five minutes apart in the Old Town and Wenceslas squares.

Cologne, Germany:

No other city, in my opinion, takes Christmas markets as seriously as the Germans do. Every yuletide season, it attracts four million tourists. The merry sights from the KölnTriangle observation platform, which is directly across the Rhine from the Cathedral, will make you remember Christmas forever.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

During its annual Festival de Presépios (“Crib Festival”), this city hosts the world's largest display of full-scale nativity scenes. A cruise around the Rodrigo Freitas Lagoon for 360-degree views of the world's biggest floating Christmas tree would make you look forward to the holiday season every year.

Vienna, Austria:

The holiday season, which is brimming with Christmas cheer, is unquestionably the most festive time of year to visit this magical place. The city's signature Christmas markets come alive with stalls selling handcrafted gifts and vendors hawking wine and street snacks, while twinkling holiday lights hang from every conceivable building and tree.