Loise Kim: No Woman should Leave Her Husband Because He Has Taken Another Woman


Loise Kim a popular Kikuyu gospel artist has spoken her view about the current tending. She is a divorcee and a mother of two. This is what she wrote in her Facebook page.

" Am not here to encourage adultery or polygamy, but this is where the tyre touches the road . in this world I have learnt that,

1. You should not leave your husband because he has taken another woman, reason no man is better than the other. Just know how to handle him and solve your issues.

2. If you leave him because of cheating and think that you will get a better one, am sorry you are wrong, you might get a phillandarer who is worse than him. Therefore women stick to your men and know how to handle them and solve your issues. But is a man polygamous by nature?"

This statement is quite sensitive due to the ongoing issue about her fellow artist Samidoh scandal.

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