Okocha vs Ronaldinho: Who Was The Best Dribbler?

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Ronaldinho was Okocha's protégé when the two played at PSG, with Okocha wearing the No. 10 jersey and Ronaldinho No 21.

After a turbulent move to PSG from boyhood club Gremio of Brazil, he couldn't play immediately and had to wait for 6 months due to legal issues concerning the transfer.

It was then the Nigerian and African legend Okocha took young Ronaldinho on his wings and then mentored him, tutored him, and showed him some tricks he developed in football.

Ronaldinho quickly adapted to life in Paris and soon became the fans' delight.

After that, a big and lucrative offer came from Bolton Wanderers and Okocha left in 2002.

He then passed the baton to Ronaldinho.

The same way Ronnie passed it to Messi when he was leaving Camp Nou in 2008

And guess what, Messi was also a protégé of Ronaldinho.

Both Ronaldinho and Okocha are truly skillful and picking one in particular above the other will be a herculean task.

Although Ronaldinho went on to become more famous than Okocha, his mentor.

Just as Messi became more famous than Ronaldinho, winning the ballon d'Or 5 times as against his mentor's 2.

But just as Messi will deny being better than Ronnie, the same way El Gaucho will show respect from the man who taught him so many tricks- the midfield maestro Okocha.

Here are my observations between the two player's skills:

Okocha developed and created his tricks, Ronaldinho copied from a handful of players including Rivelino, Laudrup and perfected them on the football stage. Okocha does show his skills and isn't a match-winner, Ronaldinho with his skills and entertainment wins crucial matches for his teams.

From both players' origins and continent, Okocha skills are typical of the African lifestyle, while Ronaldinho fused Brazilian samba dance with his skills which made it more colorful. Lastly, when Ronnie was asked how he developed his skills, he didn't mince words as he said “he learned them from the streets of brazil, Rivelino his Brazilian idol and from watching Okocha during training in PSG”


Ronaldinho= Mix of all skillful players + Okocha.

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