These Pictures highlight the Change in Women Once They Start Making Their own Money

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The so called twitter president has done it again, he is well-known for voicing his opinions and not being afraid of any criticism of any kind.

He posted a couple of pictures of different Mzansi celebrities, highlighting the way they used to look before and after they had their own money. This statement he wrote was directed to the ladies out there that do not want toto make money for them selves and expect man to take care of them as if they owe them something.

In the pictures you can clearly see that he chose women that making big moves right now, and it is just for them to be recognised and applauded for their hard work and success. In the pictures we have Idols SA host and radio personality Unathi, then we have one of the best and fast growing new comer artists we have here in the country Makhadzi, next we have social media influencer adult content creator Sthembi, and last but not least we have one of the most famous and powerful woman we have here in the country Manlhize.

What all these women have in common is that they make their own cheese and eat it and they do have to be dependent over a men, all these women are an inspiration and, they are perfect examples of strong powerful women out there that do what they have to do in order to secure their own bag.

Money and freedom really changes a person, even the glow is different.


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