WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM? Mother yells at her own daughter for bringing this to her house. See pics

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WHERE COMES THIS FROM? ; Limpopo The mother yelled at her daughter for bringing a chicken licken to her house. This parent is doing appropriately because she wants to know where her daughter obtained the chicken licken she brought to the house.

This video circulated on social media, and the mother appeared enraged, asking her daughter whether she is working and how she acquired the item: "Wa bereka Nah." People are suggesting that in this day and age, we really need to examine if our children bring unwanted items into the house.

It appears that the daughter acquired it from her boyfriend, and the mother does not want to know about it.

It appears that the daughter intended to surprise her mother with them, as it appears they have been without them for quite some time. Unfortunately, his mission did not proceed as planned.

Given that she knows her daughter does not work, she must ensure that she asks her some of the questions. The daughter was at a loss for words until the mother devised a method to tell the daughter to return it. This mother does not want anything she does not know the origin of in her home.

What do the comments reveal?

I believe we require such parenting.

If she is not working, how did she acquire the funds to purchase that?

I am more concerned that parents do not provide allowances or savings accounts for their children. Why are your children receiving outside funding?

That, in my opinion, is excellent parenting.

Absolutely, because these kids have been exploited by older guys who purchase them items in exchange for sexual favors, and they believe your body is worth that takeaway. mother I salute you, you are absolutely correct

Is this the style of parenting you prefer?

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