Never underestimate your boyfriends, this is what some of them go through just to make you happy

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The society has established an unfair principle which is based on the fact that a man is loved only on the basis of what he can provide. Nowadays, men are respected based on what they bring to the table unlike women and children. This makes it difficult, trying to find genuine love for such a gender. 

Some women are destiny helpers, they get into the lives of men and totally change their lives. These women do not leave all the burden on their men. They understand it is the responsibility of the man to provide their basic needs but that isn't going to stop them from offering help. The fact that a man is expected to put food on the table doesn't mean his woman should just sit there idle. There is a second group of women who think otherwise.

This article is targeted at the women who just don't care about the struggles their men go through. Most of them don't work and all you can hear them complain about is, "I don't have money, Give me money". Trust me, such a relationship is not stable and always ends in doom.

They stress their men to give them money till they can no longer provide. That is when they tend to cheat by going in for men who can provide for them. I want to tell such ladies that they do not know what their men go through out there. Some are literally doing their possible best to get food on the table but they go home and all they get is utter disrespect. 

If some women knew what their men were going through, they would never disrespect them. This article is going to show you the struggle some men go through just to get their partners happy.

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