Mzansi Upset By A Suicide Letter A Man Has Left For His Brother- Read

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A man left a suicide note and disappeared into thin air. His whereabouts are still unknown and those who might come across him are urged to contact the police and his family members. 

In his touching letter, the depressed victim apologised to his brother and narrated how he lived a false life and felt sorry. He also advised his brother whom he shared a room to take his bank card and withdraw R1000.00 to buy his child's clothes for Christmas. 

"I failed myself, I failed my parents, I failed my siblings and my friends. Tell Abby and others that I will be away" end quote.

Till this day the guy is nowhere to be found and they checked everywhere possible with no luck. 

Fellow readers this is one of many cases that the youth face daily around the world. 

Derepression is real and needs to be treated with extra care. 

It is advisable to communicate or share your troubles with your close friends and family. This will lessen the burden you carry I your shoulders.

Keeping all the stress to yourself will do no good, except to harm you psychologically. This is what depression is all about. The victims of this deadly Illness see no life except death. It is important and advisable to check up on your friends and family and talk to them about their troubles and how it is affecting their mental status.

Here are some of the reactions:

Below are some of the signs of a depressed person you should look out for. 

1. Very Low Mood & Irritability

The main mood associated with depression is a sad, blue or a sense of feeling hopeless and worthless. 

2. Lack Of Enjoyment Of Hobbies & Activities the person previously enjoyed.

 Depressed people often lock themselves indoors and withdraw from the hobbies they previously enjoyed. Ask your friend why he or she no longer goes to the park or soccer practice. The sooner the better.


3. Lack of Appetite & Weight Loss.

Since depression can take the enjoyment out of things, and this can include the person's favourite food as well. Don't just laugh at your friends when they lose weight. Sit down with them and try to understand their situation.

4. Unable to sleep at night. 

Ask your friend why they text you at 2 a.m. Ask them what are they doing at 2 a.m. Don't just sit back and relax. 

Please kindly contact South Africa Depression and Anxiety Group on their Toll-Free No ( 0800) 12 13 14, If you feel depressed or know someone who is suffering from depression. 

Image: Suicide Letter left by the Victim.




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