VIDEO: Old Man Runs Away From Camera When A Young Lady Tried To Show His Face

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There have been rumours that some old men leave their wives and children in their homes and chase young ladies for sexual pleasure. The reason behind these old men chasing after young girls is that their wives are too old to satisfy them in bed. Some old men are also womanizers themselves that even though their wives do all they can to satisfy them they still cheat on them.

The old man in your picture has been recorded having a good time with a young lady. Checking the facial expression of this old man, he might be between the ages of 60 and 70 years old and the young lady might be in her twenties. It appears this old man and the young lady were having a good time at a gathering. In the process of enjoying themselves, the young lady set the camera on herself and tried to draw the old man into the video.

Initially, the old man didn't know that the young lady has set a camera on herself so he was just playing romantic with her. After getting to know that he was being recorded, he runs away from the camera with fear. The lady was still trying to draw him into the video but he run away as if someone is after him.

Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that this old man will probably deceive his wife and children that he was going for a business meeting or trip. But here he is having a good time with a young lady old enough to be his daughter.


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