The Man Didn’t Walk on Air, See The Trick He Did That Made People Believed He Walked On Air (Video)


This Man Didn’t Walk on Air, See The Trick He Did That Made People Believed He Walked On Air.

Years ago, a video of a Native Doctor who allegedly walked on air went viral online and caused a lot of reactions.

People were amazed at the possibility of a man walking on air and attributed the action to some powerful mystical forces. While many openly applauded the Native doctor, some may have even gone ahead to secretly consult with him and seek for his help.

Despite the fact that none has heard anything from the powerful Native doctor many years after he claimed to have walked on air, the video however, doesn’t seem to get old, as it resurfaced again online causing similar reactions it did the first time.

When you get a chance to watch the video carefully, two things will catch your attention that will make you to accept that this man really walked in the air: 

1. The Native doctor gave off an impression of being unbalanced as he is seen waving from side to like a bird roosted on a rope. For what reason would he say he is unbalanced? 

2. The was by all accounts keeping a straight line while apparently walking in the air. The question is, why did he decide to keep a straight line when there is sufficient space for him to stroll around? 

I don't understand why he would be uneven and swaying from one side to another or keeping a straight line while celebrating good times with the exception of he is walking on a thin suspended rope. 

It will interest you to realize that walking on a rope is really a demonstration that has been in presence for quite a while. 

This demonstration is called Funambulism and the ability is created throughout the years by the Funambulists (the individuals who practice it) 

My estimate is that this Native doctor here is probably a Funambulists who may have built up the ability throughout time and chose to trick naïve spectators with it.

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