Exclusive Photos of Hajia 4 Real's Mansion at Trasaco - Wealth and Money Displayed


It once broke the internet that Hajia 4 Real was gifted a trasaco building on her birthday. In addition to that was a black range rover. As at now, many do not know who the good samaritan was to gift her that expensive gifts.

Some people assumed that it would probably be her sugar daddy. Hajia 4 Real has come out to debunk that she works hard to pay for her bills and does not live on a man's paycheque. She has also revealed the other types of businesses she is into which makes her money.

A little upclose to the building shows it is a two story building with a gothic design. Some have speculated that that it might be a 3 - 4 bedroom house. The compound has a swimming pool with a beautiful garden. The price of the house is unknown but analysing from houses around, it is estimated to cost around 3 million dollars.

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