Big Shame for a Female Teacher who Slept with a Grade-6 Boy in a Classroom as Other Students Watched

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Brittany Zamora, a 30-year-old female ex-teacher who lived in Goodyear landed herself in trouble after she pleaded guilty to engaging in the act with a young boy aged 15 years inside the classroom as other students from the class watched them get satisfied.

Zamora was sentenced to 20 years behind bars after it came to knowledge that she was in a secret relationship with the boy in that they engaged in the act severally with one time doing the act inside the teacher's parked car. She was found guilty of the heinous acts and arrested for satisfying herself with a grade-6 student.

The relationship between the two was discovered by the victim's parents who saw a text message in their son's cellular gadget, they then looked deeper and that how they got a thread and realized the duo was in a serious relationship, they immediately informed the authorities who in turn took their course.

When questioned about the relationship, the young boy confessed to being hooked up to the teacher and having been severally engaging in the act with her. The teacher on the other side said that she regrets doing what she did because it cost her marriage since she was forced to divorce her 4-year married husband while in prison.

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