Sonko Lawyers Exchange Words With Prosecutors in Court Today


There was drama in Nairobi court today morning when Mike sonko_s legal teams exchanged words with prosecutors after ruling by chief magistrate Douglas Oguti.

Ogoti had already given his rulling decline to recuse himself from Ksh 10 million corruption case.The magistrate stormed out saying the proceeding had become unruly.

Sonko defence lawyer team claimed that the magistrate was not giving them the deserved attention.As the proceeding continued ,the sonko's nurse who accompanied him in the court kept checking his blood pressure and other vital signs.

Sonko has been in Nairobi hospital for three weeks now .Recently sonko had requested the court to give order so that he could be Flown to south Africa for hip replacement which is a major surgery.

Today sonko's lawyers led by john Khaminwa informed the court that their client was not mentally fit to follow court proceeding based on the medical report from a consultant mental psychiatrist .


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