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Some people are very creative and artistic and they know how to put what ever it is they are thinking into works of art. Their way of thinking is totally different from that of an ordinary person, and that is why we buy their are pieces and hang them on the walls of our houses.

This one guy is certainly one of those creative people and he certainly knows how to turn an illusion into a beautiful work of art. He posted a picture of what looked like a couple of eggs being thrown into the air coming out of a cup which looks total impossible and unbelievable.

On the next next picture that is where he illustrated how he managed to do what he did which looked pretty much close to impossible, because in order for one person to take pictures of eggs flying in the air in order you have to have a high speed camera with very high resolution. As you can from the picture you can see that there is nothing too special or impossible going on, he just put a dark blanket of his bed and put the eggs in line on top of each other and took pictures that helped create the illusion.

People were amazed by seeing this and some one also commented on the post by saying that he stole his idea and displayed it as his own, we don't know if this is really true or not, but all I know is that the guy is really creative and his illusion is very smart.

Link: https://mobile.twitter.com/LINGTON__/status/1484170436946456581

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