Trials and Tribulations in our Everyday Life

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Make dua'a. ~Amatullah♥

Trials and tribulations are part and of our daily lives. Almighty Allah has provided as ways and means for his powerful help and mercy when we are in dire need. He surely given us very powerful Dua to overcome all our problems.

Apparently sins contribute greatly to problems that human beings face in their everyday life. I t is very wise to understand the impact of accumulative sins that we commit in our everyday life. Ibn Qayyim, a highly celebrated Muslim scholar said that sins deprive a persons rizq ( provision ) in his life. The Messenger of Allah said that a man is deprived of provisions because of the sins that he commits.

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A sinful person experiences a sense of alienation ( with his Lord ), and between him and other people. One Salaf said that he could see the impact of disobedience to Allah ( in some aspect of his daily life )

Things become difficult for one who disobeys Allah. In any matter that he turns to, he find the way is blocked or he finds it difficult. The one who fears Allah things are easy for him.

Economy: In the photograph above, Rwandan kids underweight in result of hunger. Rwanda is a poor country, with around 45% of the country’s population below the poverty line. Due to poverty, hunger is a major issue throughout the country. Undernourishment (not sufficient amount of food and minerals to maintain a good health) is a large issue throughout the country.

Abdallah ibn Abbas said that good deeds make the face light, give light to the heart, this will bring ample provision, physical strength and love in people's heart. Bad deeds make the face dark, give darkness to the heart, and bring about physical weakness, lack of provision and hatred in people heart.

Sin breeds sin until it dominates the person and he cannot escape from it. Sin weaken one will power. It gradually strengthen his will to commit sin and weakens his will to repent until there is no will in his heart to repent at all. So he seeks forgiveness and expresses repentance, but it is merely lip services. This is a very serious disease that would lead to doom. He become desensitized and he no longer care about sins. It becomes a habit and he is least bothered about people.

Sins makes the prospect our hereafter life bleak. Sins can also greatly and actively contribute to the difficulties of our daily lives. Allah said clearly that whatever of good that reaches us is from Him, but whatever evil befalls on us is from ourselves.

Whether we encounter challenges in earning a living, in our family affairs, or in matters of life, the burden of sins greatly inhibit us from seeking the ultimate blessings of Allah and to have the potential of leading a good life in this world and the hereafter.

Lets avoid all types of sins at cost so that we can have a very good respective life.

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