Should Kenya Legalize this Plant Because it Has More Advantages Than Disadvantages?

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Marijuana or commonly known as weed is a herb smoked by most people across the globe. Smoking Marijuana is illegal in most countries as the authorities believe that it can cause more harm than good.

However people have contested the illegality of weed. In Ghana for example their is a bill in parliament pending review to legalize the use of Marijuana in the medical field. The idea is people have started realizing it's numerous health benefit. When used correctly, Marijuana has numerous curative benefits that must be exploited. Below are some of its uses.

Relieves symptoms preceding menstruation

Also known as premenstrual syndrome. This involves symptoms such as nervous tension, irritability, tenderness of breasts and headache experienced by women in the days preceding menstruation caused by hormonal changes.

Marijuana can relieve this condition. Reaseach identified that 75 percent of women experience this before their menstruation. Taking Marijuana can cure this condition.

Cures multiple sclerosis

This is a situation where the body tissues hardens. The hardening and thickening of the body tissues happens because of the unwarranted growth, degeneration of the nerve fibres or deposition of minerals such as calcium.

Protection against seizures

The antispasmodic ability of Marijuana makes it one of the best herbs that help in against seizures fits and convulsions. The plant once taken, relieves spasms or tighten muscles.

Helps against severe headache

According to research done in California, by a group of doctors found out that Marijuana can relieve severe migraine. It has an exceptional pain relieving capability which is rare.

Migraine is recurrent, throbbing and very painful headache oftening affecting one side of the head accompanied by vomiting or by distict warnings signs including visual disturbances.

Despite Marijuana having alot of medical benefits, most countries have banned it because it is addictive and can ruin someone's life if care is not taken. People who use it end up with mental problems

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