5 best Android games like GTA San Andreas for low-end devices

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GTA San Andreas has broken all open-world adventure and action game standards, and with good reason. CJ's epic saga to dominate the streets of Los Santos is a story that's really close to the hearts of many players so far.

So when the game launched on Android, it was bound to become a definite success. However, the game has advanced graphics and requires an advanced device to run without lag. Hence, a lot of players with low-level devices are unable to play GTA San Andreas. But the good thing is that there are many games like GTA that offer similar gameplay but with less hardware requirements.

Five best Android games like GTA San Andreas for low-end devices

1) Grand Gangsters 3D

Grand Gangsters 3D is a simple action-adventure game that takes place in a decently sized open-world, where the player is free to explore the various neighborhoods and begin several missions to progress the storyline.

The game’s missions also help the player earn money and respect, which helps in enhancing the gameplay. Just like GTA San Andreas, a big part of the gameplay is to look for cars to commandeer off the road and to take care of rival gangs that are challenging your place in the city.

2) Los Angeles Crimes Online

Los Angeles Crimes Online is an open-world shooter game that borrows a lot of elements from the gameplay of GTA San Andreas. Mostly elements like stealing cars off the roads, using various weapons to take enemies down, as well as exploring the wide open-world map of the city.

The game also attempts to add a few twists of its own, including six different maps that you can try, and more than one type of game modes to play in. The game supports both offline gameplay as well as online multiplayer gameplay, allowing you to play with friends.

3) San Andreas Gang Wars

Even from the name of the game, it is evident that it has taken most of its gameplay from GTA San Andreas. The game even includes a protagonist who looks suspiciously like CJ, wearing the white vest that is characteristic of the GTA San Andreas hero.

San Andreas Gang Wars also features an open-world map, which is dotted with several rival gangs that the player must fight and conquer. The game allows for a decent choice of weapons and vehicles to use and delves deeply into the world of crime and violence.

4) San Andreas Crime City Gangster 3D

Yet another game inspired directly by the gameplay of GTA San Andreas, San Andreas Crime City Gangster is a game that manages to do justice to the genre. The game features an open-world that the player can explore and cause a lot of havoc in, like shooting random pedestrians, which is characteristic of GTA San Andreas.

The game has several vehicles to take control of, gangs to intimidate and fight, as well as a decent arsenal of weapons at your disposal to become the greatest criminal in the city.

5) Grand City Battle: Auto Theft Games

Grand City Battle is an action-adventure game that features an open-world like the one in GTA San Andreas. The game has several missions that the players can either choose to accomplish or ignore and enjoy their gameplay consisting of random activities.

The game also focuses on gang violence and will have the player struggling to keep the rival gangs in check as they try to dethrone you from your criminal empire. The game also will have the player worrying about the cops that will be chasing them every time they commit a crime.

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