DATE RUSH: The Moment Giovani Shouted Stop, Lovers Excitement Cut Short.


Love is beautiful and sweet when you finally find that special person, and the moment you fall in love you feels like everything in your life becomes new. Y-e-s!! The excitement alone can cause you to break the law. Like Desmond nearly did but Giovani prevented stop him. 

After several attempts by Desmond to get a Date on Date Rush, he had finally gotten a Date and all the fans was at sea because they never saw it coming... Hmm!! 

He was so excited to an extent that he wanted to lift his new girlfriend but, his excitement was cut short as Giovani shouted "Stop That!!" Aww!! 

Even though with Sister Anita at the backstage he lifted his girlfriend to prove to Giovani he is a man indeed. (Not only Grandpa) can do that. 

The reason why Giovani really prevented him was because of the miniskirt Jennifer put on, just to avoid any embarrassment. Seriously the manners in which Giovani shout was too loud, ei!! 

Well I think that was a funny moment as fans gape and giggles, hahaha. I got you more reactions from fans: