Good News To Those Who Took First Jab Of AstraZeneca As This Is Reported Concerning Second Dose.


Scientists all over the world have been having sleepless nights researching on the vaccines that could be used to fight the deadly coronavirus pandemic. In what was seen as a breakthrough, various companies and multi agencies developed various vaccines against the virus that were approved by the World Health Organization.

Among the vaccines that were approved include the AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson among others. However, celebrations of announcement of the discovery of the vaccines was short lived as vaccine shortage began hitting hard. Many people around the world and especially in developing nations of Africa managed only to receive the first jab of the vaccines as governments struggled to obtain other doses.

However, good news have been announced to those people who took only the first jab after a study indicated that delaying the second or third dose of AstraZeneca improves ones immunity.

The World Health Organization had urged countries with excess vaccines to assist those with less.

The Kenyan government through the Ministry of Health has however assured Kenyans who took the first jab that they will receive the second one as the country continues to mobilize more jabs.

There are however calls from different African leaders for African scientists to start developing their own locally manufactured vaccines and stop depending on donations.