Sad News To Students on Reopening After Latest Report From Govt Emerges


Latest report has today revealed that many students are set to be dealt a blow on resumption of their studies after the government made an unexpected move.

On Friday last week most schools closed for a one week holiday after completing their third and are expected to resume studies from Monday next week for their first terms

Further form one students and grade five students are also expected to reopen schools because they have been out for over three months.

However, a report by people daily has established that over 104,000 form one students from needy families have been dealt a blow as the government and the Wings to fly program is set to benefit only 10,705 students.

The report reveals that the students risk missing form one slots because they have failed to secure bursaries for their secondary education.

In other details it has emerged that out of the 10, 705 students, 1,705 will benefit through the equity wings to fly program while the rest 9,000 will be under the government sponsorship program.

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