Sowutuom Robbery: My Car Owner Is Angry With Me;Driver And Victim Narrates Story To Captain Smart


The Brave trotro driver who knocked down two robbers on motorbike after they had robbed fruit seller at Sowutuom is currently in distress as his car owner is not happy with the condition of his vehicle.

Narrating the incident to Captain Smart of Angel FM and TV on condition of anonymity this morning, he indicated that he was touched at the victim's plight when he witnessed the robbers slashing her with a Sharp object on the ground.

He thought within split seconds that he will probably be the next victim, if he decides not to help. He then followed the robbers who had by then mounted their motorbike in a hot chase. He succeeded in crashing the two robbers escaping on a motorbike at Sowutuom.

When asked by captain smart as to whether he was the owner of the vehicle, he said "no I have been staying home for some time now. I was given this vehicle just over a month ago and my car owner is angry with me."

He indicated that he is currently jobless and has a wife with two kids to cater for at home. He however pleaded with the presenter and Ghanaians to come to his aide.

The victim also narrated her side of the story by indicating that she was attacked by these two robbers. One was riding the motorbike and the other in an attempt to snatch the money inflicted the knife wound on her. She indicated that she suffered injuries to her Knees and received treatment at the hospital yesterday.

You can watch the full video here.