U/W: NDC Demands Probe into Death of Chairman, 1 year After his Murder


Residents of Dafiama-Issa-Busie were left in a state of shock after an NDC constituency Chairman for the District, Richard Puolabong was shot to death on his way from a funeral.

Statement from the Communications Officer(Denis Andaban).

"We have been victims of insecurity. I need no expert to tell me that there is insecurity in my Homeland. It is sad reminiscing the life of my chairman. He worked so hard for the NDC and had been salt of multitude of the marginalized.

He was versatile and his versatility molded him as a business mogul.

His enemies left us in extreme pain by taking his life away.

Justice has since been denied!!!"

Statement from the Constituency Secretariat


It is a difficult moment, releasing a statement this day, 8th May, 2020. This day has left an irrecoverable scar in the National Democratic Congress in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa and the entire Upper West Region. This was a day, our beloved and cherished Constituency Chairman, Richard Bayiviele Poolabong suffered the brunt of wicked and heartless unscrupulous people. We have since been left devastated and it has been difficult without him.

Late Chairman Puolabong worked relentlessly for the National Democratic Congress in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency. His love for the party is a public testimony. He followed this love till he was brutally murdered while on his line of duty for the party.

Remembering him on this dark and cloudy day, we condole with the family of our indefatigable late chairman and the entire NDC fraternity for the great irreplaceable lost. May his humble soul rest in the bosom of the lord. Amen!

We wish to thank everybody especially leadership of the National Democratic Congress both at the Regional and National level, who have been our solace in these trying times. We shall continue all the good works he left behind and his legacy shall continue to be a living spirit within the rank and file of the party.

Our pains have really exacerbated because justice has since not been delivered. One year on, justice has since not been served. It is a very grievous precedent in the Region. We still demand justice from our security agencies. We need to be told the state of investigation and efforts put in place to bring the perpetrators to book. It is said that, justice delayed is justice denied. We believe something better can be done!

We urge the family and the NDC fraternity to continue to keep calm, pray for the soul of our late Chairman, father, husband and friend as we continue to demand justice for him.

We shall dedicate the whole of this month remembering and praying for him.

Once again, may his humble soul rest in perfect peace.

# Justice4RichardPuolabong #

Thank you.

James Wor

(Constituency Secretary)"

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