PK Sarpong Writes On Reasons It Is Best For Ghana To Appoint Members Of Parliament As Ministers

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Popular Writer for the ruling NPP, PK Sarpong has spelt out some reasons why it's best for Ghana to continue appointing Members of Parliament as Ministers.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Saturday, 21st May 2022 he wrote;

"Bridgitte Dzogbenuku is espousing ideas which are more utopian or surrealistic than practical. She posits that Members of Parliament must not be appointed ministers.

Members of Parliament who are appointed as ministers must resign from their positions as MPs as that is the only avenue through which Parliament can scrutinize the Executive arm of government."

He explained that even though some amounts of gains can be made from such a proposition if adopted, Bridgitte fails to look at the other side of the coin, which is the cost implications of such a system.

Already, Ghanaians, over the years, have complained bitterly about the high costs of our governance system. There have been incessant calls on regimes to cut down on expenditures at the top level.

PK Sarpong further argued that an MP appointed as a minister does not take two salaries, (except when the NDC was in power where MPs who were also ministers took double salaries). If we are to separate these, we shall have to spend more on salaries and emoluments.

This cannot be a suitable solution to look for proper mechanisms to have Parliament play its proper role of acting as a check on the Executive arm of Government.

He advised that we cannot employ such a system when we are always screaming at the top of our voices that so much is being spent on MPs and Ministers. Any attempt to decouple ministerial appointments from MPs would bring a heavy financial toll on us as a country.

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