BREAKING: Prof Makau Mutua Resigns From Senior Position

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Azimio la umoja One Kenya coalition party spokesperson Prof Makau Mutua has seemingly taken a back seat from the many positions that he occupies to concentrate on drumming up support for his party presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

The Sunny distinguished professor has taken a back seat in his other engagements as he harmonizes and leads Raila Odinga's communication team. However, Mutua also holds another key position apart from his Azimio duties and lecturing engagements.

He serves as the chairperson of the Kenya human rights commission (KHRC), a position that he has now resigned from if a communication by The Star is anything to go by.

According to the report, Prof Makau Mutua has stepped down from the role and that Davinder Lamba has taken over from him albeit on an interim basis.

"AZIMIO LA UMOJA spokesman Prof Makau Mutua resigns as chairman of the Kenya Human Rights Commission, Davinder Lamba takes over in interim capacity," the report stated.

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