Otto Pfister: The History Behind The Man Who Brought 'Otto Pfister' Dressing (sagging )


The term Otto Pfister became popular in Ghana where most youth turned it in to fashion. In this article I'm going to give you the history behind the man whose dressing has become fashion among most of the youth today.

In West Africa, Otto Pfister became popular in 1991 after the Black Startlets, Ghana's Under 17 soccer team won that year's world championship in Italy.

In Ghana, Otto Pfister popularity transcended football. His style of wearing his trousers on his hip instead of his waist, because of probaly having lesser buttocks, became a fashion among many youth.

Otto Martin Pfister is a Germany football manager and he is considered one of the most Germany's coaches. Otto Pfister was 1992 voted as Africa manager of the year. Though Otto Pfister coached Ghana, his coaching carrer didn't end in Ghana and he is the former manager of Afghanistan National team.

During Otto Pfister time in Ghana, he was seen several times wearing his trousers below his waist. His way of wearing his trouser leads to the rise of the term Otto Pfister in Ghana popular slang culture. Otto Pfister in this regard has come to mean someone sagging their trousers.

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