You're Beautiful, Tv3's Camera Is Just Not Working For You - Ghanaians Tell Cindy of Date Rush


The ladies that appear on the Date Rush program comes in different shapes and sizes, and in different skin tones and personalities. Some gentlemen appear in the show and the seek to get the more pretty ones leaving the rest.

However each lady is pretty in her own right, they just need to be seen in a different perspective. Such is the case of Cindy who has been getting her heart broken ever since she made an appearance on the show.

From the get go, Cindy wasn't a fan favorite due to her bad attitude, but as time went on fans started to warm their hearts to her. Per the recent social media posts from Ghanaians, they were giving her motivational messages stating that she is very beautiful, they hilariously add the it's simply Tv3's Camera which is not working for her.

This was after they spotted some photoshoot pictures of hers and were amazed at how photogenic and beautiful she looked.

Ghanaians had the following comments to make: