Read how a lady lost her life because of Anger


A video making rounds on the internet narrates an interesting. Everyone interested in making heaven or avoiding hell has key lessons to be learnt or understood.

As narrated by Pastor Emmanuel Samsonjude, a certain lady, after her death saw her soul travelling upwards till she got closer to a certain gate A lady christian died and as she was approaching the gate of heaven with joy, she was very glad of how her garment was shining but as she got before the entrance of the gate of heaven, the gate was widely opened and with joy she wanted to enter but an invisible power did not let her in.

As she began to move upwards, it looked a clear sign that she would have made it to heaven but sorrowfully, the whole scene changed and she had no option but to give heed to her verdict The lady was amazed at how and why she could not enter. Then Jesus walked to her and said: YOU CANNOT ENTER HERE. YOUR GARMENT IS NOT PURE AND CLEAN ENOUGH. WHEN I GAVE YOU THIS GARMENT, THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE SPOT ON IT. YOU CAN'T ENTER HERE.

The lady was disappointed and confused at the same time because she knew her garment was clean when she looked at herself. The lady said unto Jesus there is no spot on my garment, i lived pure and holy on earth, but Jesus walked close to her and showed her just a spot at the edge of her garment where she didn't even think a spot would be.

She was startled at the single spot and asked Jesus how come this spot appeared here? Then the Lord said unto her YOU SLAPPED YOUR HUSBAND WHEN BOTH OF YOU WERE HAVING MISUNDERSTANDING. I WARNED YOU TO PLEAD WITH YOUR HUSBAND BUT YOU WERE ADAMANT AND STUBBORN AT MY WARNING.

At that point, there was no turning back. Judgement was right before her eyes. Her refusal to apologize to her husband was a sin before the Lord and it seemed it was too late for here at that moment. Then the Lord continued NOW THE SPOT IS 'ANGER'. YOU HARDENED YOUR HEART TO MY WARNING, HERE IS MY JUDGEMENT. DEPART FROM ME.

A very strong wind from nowhere came to whisk the lady away to Hell where there is everlasting torture. As we have life, let the pending Judgement of God of guide our actions because it is appointed unto man to die; and after death comes Judgement. Our physical life is just a camouflage, it will come to an end. The real life is our spiritual life; it's the life that never ends in both Heaven or Hell

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