Pray This Prayer Believing and All Shall Be Well With You


Father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ we do come before thy Holy presence this afternoon just to say thank you and that you God and there's no one like you. Jehovah you took care of us yesterday and we were able to see another beautiful day and I just want to say thank you.

Jehovah today is another beautiful Sunday and God I just want to say you Ebenezer. You took care of us and today we have been able to worship you. God I just want to take this time to welcome you into our lives as we finish up the remaining part of the day. 

God I pray that you be with those travelling back to their places of work or those going to see their relatives and loved one today. I pray for the blood of Jesus upon their lives. I pray that you may protect them and cover them with the blood of Jesus. I know you are a God who is faithful to your promises.

I call upon the blood of Jesus upon everyone who needs your salvation. I pray that people may get to know you more in every aspect of their lives.