Check Out Mustapha Bulama's Cartoon On NDA Attack

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It was in the early hours of Tuesday that bandits broke into Nigeria's foremost military University, Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), located at Igabi Local Government, Kaduna state.

The attack which led to the death of two officers and kidnapping of another officer, has been at the centre of debate among Nigerians. Many Nigerians feels that they are no longer safe as bandits starts attacking military institutions in the country.

Popular cartoonist Mustapha Bulama has released another cartoon on the issue. Bulama is a well known political analyst and cartoon illustrator that works with Daily Trust.

Bulama depicted a conversation between one daughter and her father. In the conversation, the daughter asked her father that they should all go and demand for security, the father simply replied from whom, together with calling her attention that gunmen attacks NDA

Credit: Facebook / Bulama's Cartoons

See some reactions below:

One user wrote: "NDA is just an educational institution where career soldiers are trained. This is not our defence headquarter. American defence headquarter was once attacked in Pentagon and heavens did not fall."

It is high time we all unites and brings an end to this monster (insecurity) before it consumes us all.

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