What Misconduct Has He Committed To Warrant This Decision? - Sammy Gyamfi Boldly Asks


The National Communication Officer of the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi, has asked that what misconduct has Dr. Dominic Ayine committed to warrant the Chief Justice to refer him to the General Legal Counsel?

Sammy Gyamfi asked this question as a panelist via zoom on 'THE KEYPOINTS' program on TV3 this morning, 5th June 2021, when he gave his opinion on Dr. Ayine's outburst and the General Legal Council's inquest.

According to him, Dr. Dominic Ayine is entitled to his own opinions on the judgment given by the Supreme Court.

"What misconduct has Dr. Ayine committed to deserve this decision by the Chief Justice and the General Legal Counsel?

As for the General Legal Council, you can't even blame them because a petition has been sent to them, and they have to investigate, but one would have thought that at least their letter to Dr. Ayine would have referred to what they are investigating him for, but there is no such reference." - he said

He added that they didn't refer to what they are investigating him for because Dr. Ayine has not breached any of the legal profession's rules and etiquette for lawyers or has not misconducted himself.

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