101 guide to buying an Audi


My opinion

I am a lover of german machines.Honestly speaking they are a vibe.They trail from Mercedes -Benz to BMW and Audi and many more. These three are my utterbest.My best is the audi ,its just an amazing car for anyone who desires a luxury car.

Audi is owned by Volkswagen. It is an amzing fourwheel drive suitable on most of our kenyan roads- highways.

Audi's naming format.

The base models have an "A" .The sporty and Luxury "S".The Suv line uses the "Q" It then pairs the letters with numbers according to their power.

Buying guide 101.


This is a small family car.Its cost is roughly ksh 1.7M and 2M .


This is a luxury crossover suv.It is a 4WD and an extremely good car on the roads.It estimates from ksh 2.7M and 3M.


Its is a fine sedan model.It estimates from ksh1.4M and 2Million.



This is an executive car worth ksh 5 million.


This is an executive sport back. It has a fivedoor liftback and four frameless windows.It also has a sloping roofline.Its worth ksh 4million.


This is a luxury sedan.It is worth ksh 2 million.


This is a compact executive car.It has a high perfomance on the road.It is worth ksh 3million.


This is a full size luxury car.It us a all wheel drive.It has high performance on the road.


This is a mid size luxury crossover Suv.It is worth ksh 5million.


This is a full size luxury suv.It is worth ksh 13 million.


This is a compact lixury crossover Suv.It is worth ksh 8million.


This is a subcompact luxury crossover Suv.It has a transverse mounted front engine.It is worth ksh 5million.

Audi is a world choice type of car when it comes to luxury. It is worth millions but efficient.It gives one a sense of prestige and if it is your moneg trust me it is worth it.All the best.

Chichiana kenya_public@operanewshub.com