Opinion: If Chelsea Is To Win The EPL Top Four Race, See 5 Players That May Need To Stay Injury Free


The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the most-watched football leagues in the world, fans stay glued to their T.V all over the world to catch glimpses of the display of premier league stars every weekend.

One factor that has made the league popular among football fans is how competitive the league is and the unpredictability of the EPL matches.

2020/2021 English Premier League has been eventful, with Manchester city likely to be crowned the champion for this season.

Where the real competition lies is the race to the top four of the league. The top four race is fierce because teams that occupied the first four spots on the league table are the ones eligible to participate in the next season UEFA Champions League edition, except in rare cases where a team wins either Champions League or Europa League.

Chelsea is involved in the top four race with other big clubs, the point separating the team (West Ham) occupying the fourth spot and the team (Liverpool) in the 6th position is just 3 points, this is how close the race is.

With 7 games left in the English Premier League, the Blues must be at their best to emerge as the winning side in the top four race.

Chelsea under the tutelage of Thomas Tuchel has been a lovely team to watch, except for the poor game they had against West Brom, Chelsea has been worked on by Tuchel to play good football and also deliver the right result in every game played.

While all members of the squad are important, some players have been very influential in the game played so far this season.

If Chelsea is to win the top-four race, these players may need to stay injury-free for the rest of the season.

1. Mason Mount: He is young but has been one of the best players in the team, his performance for the team this season has been very good. Mount has scored several important goals and also create many goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates.

His delivery of set pieces and giving all his best on the field makes him a very important player that needs to stay fit for the rest of the season for Chelsea to stand a chance in the race to top four.

2.Kovacic: The Kovacic under Thomas Tuchel has been a joy to watch, even though he doesn't score enough goals or create a huge number of assists for the team, he is part of the engine of the team.

Kovacic's ability to run with the ball and also dribble his way out in tight spaces has made him a very important part of the team.

3. N'Golo Kanté: He has battled with series of injuries but Chelsea fans can attest to the fact how Kanté makes the team play better when he is on the field.

His tireless run and ability to stop the attacking threat of the opponent means he is one of the top players needed for this top-four race.

4. Toni Rudiger: Rudiger's performance ever since he got to the first eleven has been very difficult to ignore.

He marshaled the defense very well and also coordinates the backline by being vocal on the field. Rudiger is one of the leaders at the backline for Chelsea. He remains one of the best defenders in the team.

5. Edouard Mendy: He has been very solid at the back and does his work as the goalkeeper of the team as smoothly as expected from a top player.

Chelsea is lucky to have Mendy in goal, he is a dependable goalkeeper that can become better.

The EPL top-four race is likely to get to the last day of the league, Chelsea has a strong chance of finishing in the top four because of the quality of the players in the team and Tuchel's effect that has turned the Blues into a better football team.

Dear Reader, Will Chelsea make it to the top four at the end of the 2020/2021 English Premier League (EPL) season? Drop your comments!

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