Why Is Morocco Not Part Of Europe Yet It Is Just 14 Kilometres From Spain

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Spain has two cities — Ceuta and Melilla — that are located within Morocco's geographic boundaries, i.e. in Africa. Should Spain ask for membership in the African Union as a result? A similar case might be made for France, which still controls the island of Mayotte off the coast of East Africa, as well as Réunion, which is further away but still linked to the African continent. In the Americas, France also controls Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana, and Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Should France be allowed to become a member of the Organization of American States (OAS)?

Assume that, due to its proximity to Europe, Morocco was recognized as a European country. Then there's Mauritania. It is, after all, bordered by Morocco. If a 14-kilometer distance may be regarded as meaningless, then geographic continuity can be considered even more so. We could go on: Senegal would be considered European because it borders Mauritania, and Mauritania would be considered European because it borders Morocco... and so on until we reached Africa's southernmost tip, where the entire continent would be considered European.

Or, since Alaska is only a few kilometers from Siberia, why isn't it considered an Asian country? And, because Alaska is adjacent to Canada, the latter would be Asian as well. Then the majority of the United States would be Asian as well... until we reached the southernmost point of South America, at which point the entire American continent would be Asian.

However, because Asia and Europe are just two demographically based designations for a single physical mass, the Eurasian continent would include not only the African continent but also the entire American continent. This would be completely ridiculous!

The landmasses we commonly refer to as "continents" are physically defined by their coastal contours, with the exception, as I previously stated, of the traditional division between Europe and Asia, which is largely based on history (the border has never been crystal clear: some consider the Ural mountains to be the border, while others consider the Ob/Tubol river basin to be the border to the east; the limits to the southeast are even more blurred). Nonetheless, the contours of the African continent have always been evident, and Morocco has always been plainly inside those contours. It makes no sense to consider Morocco a European country, whether you like it or not. So, what's the point? Is being labeled as European a step up in status? Is it a demotion to be referred to be African?

Morocco is an African country, not a European one. New Mexico, like New Mexico, is not a part of Mexico, despite its proximity. There must be a line or a border someplace, which is often determined only by men. The Mediterranean is a natural border that separates Africa and Europe.

The European-African boundary must run someplace. If all countries bordering European countries are considered European, then the next countries bordering them (in this case, Algeria and Mauritania) should be considered European as well because they are now bordering European countries, and so on, until all countries of the world are considered European.

This article was compiled and written by Millionaire Hustler from Kapkimolwa, Bomet county.

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