The Eff leader issued an ultimatum to the Minister of Education.


Julius Malema, the Eff leader, issued an ultimatum to the Minister of Education to close the schools before he closed them himself.

"Even the EFF supporters are unlikely to agree.s committing a calculated error.We want our children to be safe.The word eff is being phased out.This kind of behaviour encourages schools to vandalism. Some leaders need to be responsible. This country has already been rendered ungovernable as they have been advocating.It's a pity that his children are going to school but ours must not go to school.

If this Covid thing does not end anytime soon, will our children never go to school? All this man wants is attention. They are supposed to come up with a solution to how we are going to live with this pandemic, not to act as if our lives should stand still.We didn't believe Lucky Dube when he said, "There will be no schools anymore," because we thought he was high dagga. look how things have turned out now"Said Facebook followers