Citizen TV's Lilian Muli Airs Her Opinion After RMS Ban On Some Side Hustles, Says The Following


Renowned Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has today aired her opinion on employed people having side hustles, despite being employed in organizations.

Photo: Lilian Muli.

Image; courtesy

This was through a post on her insta stories whereby the sassy queen opened a forum for her followers to ask her anything, and one follower took the opportunity and inquired on the topic.

"Business or employment which one do you prefer?" the follower asked.

And in response Lilian Muli answered that she actually prefers both, but advocated for people to have side hustles because one can't rely on employment forever.

She said " Both but I really think one should have a side hustle employment is not forever"

Lilian Muli's opinion on whether people should have side hustles whilst still employed comes just a week, after the owners of Citizen TV Royal Media Services (RMS) banned their staffs from certain side hustles.

In an internal memo from the company it stated that while it appreciates individual brands of their employees, it noted that use of their talents in other endeavors and events affects also the overall brand of the company.

The company then went ahead to prohibit it's staff from doing advertisements for political parties, faith or religion and also alcohol products.

Among the news anchors and staffs whom the ban touched the most however is Lilian Muli, who has been very active online for sometime now endorsing the Tanqueray Gin.

Photo; Lilian Muli endorsing the Tanqueray Gin.

Image; courtesy

However aside from this the ravishing anchor also indeed takes her advice to heart, and has another side business of a beauty parlor called 'La Modelle' which is located in Sound Plaza, Nairobi.

Lilian Muli opened it in February 2020 and has been existence for over a year now, offering various services like make-up services, spa, hair cuts and manicures among many others.