Shatta Wale's Nana Dope Has Been Picked Up By The Police By The Police (Photos)

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Many times, a lot of people who do bad things anywhere are punished in a whole lot of ways. Most often when you see or hear of some things that people do, it can scare you or it can make you fear. There are times that the police or the service personnel in a country feel that what you have done puts a lot of people at risk so you will be in isolation from the general public so that the people outside are protected from your words or actions. These might not always be fair since sometimes, some people just feel like saying some things to scare some people.

Shatta Wale's side man who is known as Nana Dope has been picked up by the Ghana Police Service.

This is due to the fact that he has propagated false information concerning Shatta Wale and the incident that occured yester. He was picked up with another gentleman. What the next ordeal will be is unknown to my team and I.

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