Horrific || Inside The Taxi That Was Swept Away By Floods In Limpopo With 16 Passengers, See Here

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Date : 08 December 2021

It is such a painful and depressing week to community members in Burgersfort. This follows a tragic incident that happened late yesterday. A taxi with sixteen passengers was swept away by floods in Limpopo. It has been raining heavily the past two days in some parts of Limpopo and Burgersfort is one of them. People have been left terrified after the taxi got swept away after the driver attempting to cross the Thorncliff bridge near Thorncliff mine in Steelpoort under the Greater Tubatse Municipality in te Sekhukhune District. The Taxi was later recovered at the river bank and some people are still missing.

It has been said that the driver was attempting to cross the bridge that was full of water and he was also warned by other drivers not to do that . He had hopes that he will be able to cross but unfortunately things didn't turn out as he had planned. Some people have been confirmed dead but there is no exact number of those who passed away and the search for those who are missing has already started. It's heartbreaking more especially to those who lost their loved ones due to this tragic and painful way. Families are left drowning in tears as they mourn for their loved ones and some are still praying that they find their family members.

Pictures of the taxi has been circulating on social media platforms and people can see how badly the taxi was damaged. It proves that some passengers might have died inside the taxi while the taxi was crushing to stones and trees during the time it was being swept away. If you check inside the picture you can see how damaged it is. People have started to send messages of condolences to the families of those who passed away. Motorists are being advised not attempt crossing low lying bridges and flooded roads. Share your views and follow for more news.

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