How You Can Stop Electricity Meter Beeping Alarm


Kenya Power meters have annoying moments whereby everyone in your neighborhood will know you are not in a good position because the tokens are about to run out. Did you know you can be able to turn off the beeping alarm in the meter depending on the model of the meter you have?

The following are some of the steps to clear.


To stop the beeping alarm buy new tokens then long press the enter button.

Conlog Intench model.

Long press the hash (#) button for long and there will be no long beeping sound when you have few units.

Hexing model.

This is the most common model among household. To stop the long beeping sound press 812 then hash (#) or you can also press 812 then Enter.

Nirav Model.

Just press 1037 then hit the Enter button thrice and the noise will be no longer.

Itron Model.

Just long press the enter button until the meter stops beeping.

Intech model.

Press 812 then the hash button.

Inhemeter model.

Press 016 then press the Enter button.


Just press 1037 then press the Enter button three times.

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