Avicii's Secret to a Happy life Before He died.


Avicii was a swedish Dj, songwriter and a musician. He was born on 8th September 1989. He died on 20th of April 2018.

He was better known by his stage name Avicii more than his real name . His real name was Tim Berlin.

During an interview while still alive,he was interviewed on what inspired him to write the song ," Nights."

He said that his main source of inspiration was his father. He was told when he turned sixteen years that he could do anything he wanted. Whenever he felt like giving up his father was always there for him and would always lead him to Greener pastures.

In his song , 'Nights' he says that when he turned 16 years his father told him that he could do anything that he wanted. That was the time he made a decision to live a life that he would remember when he died and not his wealths and possessions.

Some of the teaching that his father taught him were:

1. Life full of love.

He was taught that love is kindness,love is patience ,love doesn't know jealousy and its loving your enemy.

As a musician he had lots of competitors but he choosed to mind his own life.

He knew that focusing on enemies would make his life miserable . He opted to love them and let go of the their wrong doings.

2. Life of peace.

When living in peace with one another their were no fightings, enemities and arguments.

He had managed to make his life a neighborhood and what remained of him was to make it of brotherhood.

He learnt that peace of mind was healthy for body than a cancerous jealousy.

3. Doing what you love such as partying.

He loved partying alot with his friends. He had knew that his life on earth was numbered and there was no second chance.

Doing what you loved the most would give you a wonderful life and memories.

Even after death he would be able to reflect on those memories and be proud of the wonderful life he lived.

Unfortunately Avicii succumbed to self inflicted injuries. He left behind his girlfriend Tereza Kacerova and his son Luka.

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